About Us

Under the present growth potential there comes a need for an active functional organization and collective representation. Today, the Industry is divided into 3 sectors- SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE, each one having its own problems.

The problems faced by the Small and Medium Sector Industry by their very nature stand on a different perspective. It is precisely with this objective in mind that the "Association of Small and Medium Chemical Manufacturers"(ASMECHEM) has been formed.

The Association has its members spread all over India and is incorporated under section 25 of the companies act 22956-U/S 25, Registration No. 11-57237 dated 12th July, 1990.


The Association has representation over the customs Advisory committee, Imports Advisory committee(Western zone),CII(Western zone) and Bureau of Indian Standards. The Association has been constantly in touch with Chemexcil and Government authorities for various issues and problems meted out by our members from time to time.

Export promotion:

The Association has recognized the needs for export promotion. The Association has established contact with embassies and trade missions of various countries and any information received from these sources is circulated to the members. The Association for this purpose continues to be in touch with the governmental and other bodies set up for the task of promoting exports.





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